Blokaloks Interlocking Modular Walls & Room Dividers

Posted: July 20, 2022
Blokaloks Interlocking Modular Walls & Room Dividers

Blokalok-a, Blokalok-a, whoomp! There it is! A whole wall where, a mere 5 minutes ago, there was none. Blokaloks are a series of bloks that interlock to form modular walls and room dividers. Blok assembly is simple and tool-free; anyone who can snap the pieces together can build a partition in minutes.

The Blokaloks concept is similar to the of Everblock Wall Kits, though Bloks are made from real wood rather than plastics, and perhaps look a bit more sophisticated than Everblocks, which rock a LEGO vibe. Bloks come in 4 primary shapes - H-blok, T-blok, U-blok, and L-blok - you can connect and disconnect as often as you want. From the Blokaloks website buyers design their preferred layout, and Blokaloks fabricates and ships it in a couple of weeks. Since Blokaloks walls and dividers are modular, you can also change their configuration, making a build taller and narrower, shorter and wider, etc. as needed.

Blokaloks builds are priced at $18 to $38 per square foot, depending on what kind of wood you choose. Bloks are available in bamboo, beech, cherry, hickory, mahogany, maple, sapele, and walnut. All trees are US-grown, and all Blokaloks components are made in the US too.

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