Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair

Posted: August 03, 2023
Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair
$54.67 - $66.99
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Back to school is my favorite time of year. It's the time brats small and large, preschool-aged to needed-that-fifth-year-in-undergrad-aged, return to their classrooms, and stop clogging up the lunchtime lines at my favorite sandwich shops, and the after-lunch lines at my favorite ice cream stores. Some dudes and ladies say they'd love to go back to school, or still be in school, but not this dude. I hated sitting in cheap, rigid chairs, at desks in a smelly rooms, staring at some lecturer warbling on in their Peanuts voice for hours on end.

I did like sitting in my bedroom, and then my dorm room, playing video games and drinking sodies / beers with my friends, though. And I definitely would have dug doing those things in a Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair had it been around in my younger days.

Big Joe does make a point of noting, "This bean bag chair is not just for the dorm room," so I guess I could still get one now, but eh. My 40-something back and neck are more into Herman Miller than Big Joe for gaming these days.

The Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair comes in several different colors / patterns, and has a drink holder and storage pocket on the right side. It arrives filled with beans - the perfect amount, not overstuffed, Big Joe says - and is covered in stain-resistant SmartMax fabric for easy spot cleaning in the event someone spills, vomits, snots, or sharts on it.

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