AuAg 55" Gaming Computer Desk

Posted: June 16, 2020
AuAg 55" Gaming Desk
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The AuAg 55" gaming computer desk aims to be the gold...and the silver standard for gamers and their gear. The large desktop with "sleek carbon fiber texture" has enough space for a pair of 27" monitors, along with your speakers, Kinesis Freestyle keyboard, headset, and Big Gulp of Mountain Dew. The latter get their own designated hook and cup holder.

The back side of the AugAg 55" desk has 2 cable management grommets and a concealed power strip box to keep your Fortnite and Call of Duty sessions tidy. Or at least tidier than your pulled and disheveled hair and hot-sauce-stained, Cheetos-dust-covered shirt after 6 straight hours of play.

The desk also comes with an XL mouse pad, and has an adjustable foot design for uneven floors.

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