Animal Plushie Chairs

Posted: August 09, 2022
Animal Plushie Chairs

Be still my heart! This animal plushie chair line from APcollection is so charming! So whimsical! So creative! So...uncomfortable-looking to sit on! Well. Three out of four ain't bad. Can't be any worse than the Giant Red King Crab Chair.

Consisting of bowl chairs, stools, benches, and poufs all covered in handmade stuffed animals, each member of the APcollection seating line is part of its own limited edition release. However, it seems stitching adorable, yet awkward, seating out of children's plush toys is the Belgian brand's whole schtick, so more lions and tigers and bears - and maybe even some snakes and sea monsters - should step in to cradle animal lovers' butts when the others sell out.

Pictured above is APcollection's Iceberg papasan. Underneath the polyester polar bear plushies is a base of New Zealand sheepskin. A portion of the profits from this bowl chair's sales will go to support efforts to address the shrinking ice cap in the North Pole.

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