3 GJB 17 Car Body Furniture

Posted: December 31, 2018
3 GJB 17 Car Body Furniture

Can't afford a Porsche 911? How about a Porsche 911 writing desk*? Made from real 911 parts, French design firm 3 GJB 17 has transformed authentic 911 body parts into a flip-top desk that, when closed, should have Porsche, and auto enthusiasts in general, gunning to own it.

Or if Porsche isn't your car of choice, how about a steel and wood Mercedes hood desk? Or a VW bar? 3 GJB 17 has numerous classic car parts to choose from, or will repurpose any of your own you provide them to turn into a permanent part of your home. Sounds like an idea for the broke down Thunderbird you can't make yourself give up, or the prized Toyota Camry you totaled, but the trunk still looks kind of OK.

*Still probably no. 3 GJB 17's car body furniture starts at $20,000.

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