Think Ink Fidget Pen

Posted: November 12, 2016
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The Think Ink Pen bends, spins, flips, dismembers and puts itself back together again, and...you don't even want to know what happens when you pull its finger. An entertainer through and through, this pen isn't so much here to put on a show for a passive audience as it is to engage artists, students, and thinkers in need of somewhere physical to channel their energy as they work through their creative process.

Think Ink Pens are made of titanium and steel (having tried one myself, yes, there's some heft to them) and designed with a bevy of neat visual details and parts to dink around with. In addition to making words and pictures appear on paper, Think Ink's focus-honing magic tricks include:

  • Flexing. Its rippled stainless steel barrel is a flexo shaft with spring-like resistance. See the GIF here.
  • Spinning. Rare earth magnets are embedded in the pen and its detachable ball and clip. The ball can latch onto the smooth section of the pen barrel for silent finger-driven spinning.
  • Sliding. A carbon steel cylinder that releases and retracts the pen's ink also slides around the barrel.
  • Twisting. The magnetic flexo clip detaches completely from the Think Ink for use as a standalone fidgeting tool, and inchworm or flipping moving along the length of the pen, or an actual clip to secure the pen in your bag.

Fidgeters and the family and friends thereof can find Think Ink Pens here on Kickstarter through December 16, 2016.

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