The Tallest Pen Stand

Posted: September 24, 2021
The Tallest Pen Stand
$28 - $32.95
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Joining the superlative ranks of The Biggest Loser, The Longest Yard, The Coolest Cooler, and The Whitest Boy Alive, please welcome The Tallest Pen Stand! I don't know if 3DW Crafts' samurai-style modular pen tower earns its title - certainly at least one of the others in the list, ahem, Coolest Cooler, have proven not to - but if not the tallest, it is at least a very tall pen stand, ready to stack and display up to 16 of your finest writing tools.

The Tallest Pen Stand is designed to hold pens of any weight, and up to 17mm in diameter. If you don't want to go full-on ink skyscraper with your purchase, 3DW Crafts also makes the stands with 8 and 12 pen holders.

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