Pop-Up Kitchen & Desktop Outlets

Posted: June 17, 2016
Pop-Up Kitchen & Desktop Outlets
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So rarely when I have a problem--say, needing an extra electrical outlet--does the solution just pop up out of nowhere. But oh boy could I make that happen all the time with this set of countertop-embedded sockets.

The retractable power unit has a stack of 3 x 3-prong outlets, plus 2 x USB charging ports. You can install it in the kitchen, at your desk, on your garage work bench, anywhere you have at least 11.8" of space beneath the mounting area. When you don't need the outlets, press them down into subsurface darkness, and maintain a smooth worktop interrupted by no more than a 2.9" flat metal disc. To bring the power back, just press the disc again and they'll pop up about an inch to see what's up, at which point you'll pull them the rest of the way out of hiding.

To install the unit, you'll need to drill a 2.95" diameter hole in your counter. The power strip includes a 75" extension cord for connection to a power source.

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