First World Problems Pencils

Posted: September 19, 2019
First World Problems Pencils
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Hey First World Problems, shouldn't your box read "Standard No. 1 Pencils"? Or maybe, "Standard No. 2 (Is Just Fine Because I Tried My Best and Haven't Had My Triple Nonfat No-Foam Latte Yet Today) Pencils"? Or how about, "Standard Hasn't Been Met Because the Waiter Forgot My Side of Avocado Pencils"?

I should hate the First World Problems Pencils because so many of them apply to my wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power, and me (mostly her, of course) but I'm the kind of dude who can laugh at himself (and mostly his wife, of course.) I mean, I liked Stuff White People Like when it came out too.

And speaking of Stuff White People Like, Whiskey River Soap Co.'s First World Problems Pencils are kind of the condensed version of that piece of social commentary reinvented to fit today's pop culture eye rollers. And also reinvented as items you can actually use.

First World Problems Pencils come in packs of 8, each printed with a different delightful and succinct annoyance:

  • There's No Pamplemousse.
  • My Ripped Jeans Are Now Too Ripped.
  • But I Want Pumpkin Spice All Year.
  • OMG, The Chipotle Line Is Soooo Long.
  • My Netflix Won't Load.
  • There's Already A New iPhone Out.
  • IDK What To Bring Because One Person Is A Vegan.
  • This Pencil Isn't The Color I Wanted.

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