CRKT Techliner Everyday Carry Pen

Posted: June 03, 2020
CRKT Techliner Everyday Carry Pen
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In writing about their Techliner everyday carry pen, CRKT notes, "Your job's too important for a drugstore pen." I'd also add, "And blech. Who wants to touch a drugstore pen anymore anyway?"

Along with an ergonomically machined 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum body the Techliner has magnetic ends, justifying its spot in your EDC with a lightweight, comfortable hold, and the ability to stick without slipping to clipboards, desk legs, car hoods, and, I don't know, would the Techliner pen stick directly to your hip or knee of you've had a replacement? Hold please....

Nope. It would not. According to someone medical, "Although orthopaedic and dental implants are metal, they are not magnetic."

The Techliner pen comes filled with a black-ink Fisher Space Pen #PR4 cartridge.

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