Stikwood - Peel & Stick Wood Decor

Posted: August 03, 2013
Stikwood - Peel & Stick Wood Decor
$100 - $500
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Stikwood happens when real wood from the likes of oak and maple trees meets, say, duct tape with an infallible 10-year adhesive lifespan. As 1/8" thick panels with peel & stick strip backings, Stikwood installations fit against a multitude of interior surfaces to turn lackluster walls, kitchen islands, or even coffee table surfaces into stylish, yet cozy, and universally un-girly pieces of home decor.

Usually when people want a wall made of wood in their house they have to...build a wall made of wood in their house. Stikwood projects the same effect--maybe even a better effect--for far less trouble and cost. (That said, I wouldn't classify hanging it as so easy a 5-year-old could do it, or recommend buying it to anyone too cheap to pay a nickel to see Jesus ridin' a bicycle.) Panels measuring 5" wide and between 1' and 4' long come in bundles of 20 or 40 square feet, and about 16 different colors and grain patterns.

Stikwood slaps on in the decorator's desired shape and design, and panels can be cut to fit if needed. Though all clean, smooth surfaces are fair game for application, Stikwood does not recommend installation in bathrooms due to their high moisture content. And that's just fine with me because the idea of being au naturel alongside a material commonly associated with injecting splinters into sensitive human flesh makes me a little uneasy anyway.

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