Slate-ish Paper Laminate Tile

Posted: May 19, 2015
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On its own, slate and the tile it produces for our home projects takes bazillions of years to form from silt and mud nestled in the deep crevices of the earth. But Slate-ish, a visually and functionally similar tile prodded along by the hand of man, can be manufactured and to your door in, like, two weeks. Also, Slate-ish tiles are way lighter, way easier to install, and way more made of renewable materials than their 1.0 counterpart. Paper laminate constructed from reclaimed, recycled, and FSC-approved sources comprise these decorative strips.

On the surface, Slate-ish tiles look very similar to natural stone. They can be applied to nearly any flat surface area you might cover in the former too, including walls, fireplace surrounds, reception areas, and ceilings and floors. Their composition is strong (at least 6 times stronger than natural stone), durable, and solid all the way through, so they are able to weather and wear naturally. Tiles are waterproof and fire-resistant, but still weigh less that a pound per square foot, and cut with standard woodworking tools. No special backing or added structural supports are required for installation. In some cases, you can install Slate-ish in areas it would be impossible or impractical to install the real thing.

Slate-ish pieces are made by using heat and pressure to squash paper and resin into many compressed layers of material. When the layers are split, their slate-like texture appears, with no faux embossing or other treatment required. As a result, no two pieces are identical.

Slate-ish tiles come in 2" x 8" peel-and-stick strips and 1" and 2" glue-applied strips. All are sold in cases that cover 10 square feet of surface area, and typically in the buyer's choice of 5 colors. The Lincoln, Nebraska-based company will also accept custom shape and size Slate-ish tile orders.

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