Shark Duvet & Pillowcase Set

Posted: March 09, 2019
Shark Duvet & Pillowcase Set
$119 - $149
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Aw man, the legs dangling from the jaws of the Shark Duvet & Pillowcase Set are not included with purchase. You have to supply your own. Uh, that is, they're not printed on the bedding as I thought when I first saw it, they're an actual kid's legs posing for the (outstanding) photograph.

Which raises another question: how long did that kid have to stay smothered head-first under the Shark Duvet for the photographer to get such a killer (in so many ways!) shot?

Like the Astronaut Duvet Set, the Shark bedding is made with kiddos' bedrooms in mind, though it does come in both Twin and Full/Queen sizes for the adultos who want a mighty fine shark-themed gift tucking them in at night too.

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