Plufl: The Dog Bed for Humans

Posted: April 28, 2022
Plufl: The Dog Bed for Humans
$399 - $449
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Welp, we've got dog food for humans, so why not dog beds for humans? Thank you Soylent, and now, Plufl. Plufl is basically a big ol' human-sized dog bed, designed by "avid nappers" Noah and Yuki to create the ultimate portable snoozing and relaxing space.

From the OG bean bag chair to my more recent discovery of the Floof Human Snuggle Sack, comfy, cozy, floor-based furniture has never not been popular. Plufl says its "dog bed for humans" version is engineered specifically to ease stress and anxiety, boost your mood, and create the optimal napping environment. But...I think that's all just branding and marketing.

Yes, the Plufl looks like a dog bed. But it's really just a furry, contoured pillow that provides dudes and ladies with another way to curl up on the floor when there's no room left on the couch. Or they don't want to risk falling off the couch when they're in for a night of Netflix & Chill. Unlike the Bibi Lab Cat House for Humans, which is just Japanese-weird, the Plufl is an old concept, with a slightly new twist. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It'd still hit it. ... And my wife inside it.

If your sleepy, stressed, or antsy bones are in need of some Plufl time, check out the human dog bed's Kickstarter campaign, and get your pledge for one in through May 12, 2022.

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