NFL Hover Helmets

Posted: August 13, 2018
NFL Hover Helmets
$99.99 - $119.99
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NFL team pride shines - and free-floats, and spins! - with these NFL Hover Helmets. The 1/2 scale replica pro football collectibles have magnets in their upper and lower bases to create the electromagnetic force needed to levitate the helmets and, after a slight nudge, start them spinning, slowly and continuously.

I think my wife would agree to my getting a Bears Hover Helmet if she could have a 1/2 scale replica of a perpetually levitating and spinning Eric Decker too. Can you make it happen, Hover Helmets?

To further highlight their stunning visuals, Hover Helmets have LED lighting in the base that shines upward and sets them aglow through a pattern of spotlight holes. The effect is subtle enough to use as a nightlight in a kiddo's bedroom, but still communicates enough reverence use a Hover Helmet as the centerpiece of your good luck shrine to your favorite NFL team.

NFL Hover Helmets would make a great gift for a football fan if you're willing to spend the bucks. If not, check out these NFL-Star Wars Mashup T-Shirts.

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