Mechanical Metal Jellyfish Kinetic Sculpture

Posted: September 13, 2022
Mechanical Metal Jellyfish Kinetic Sculpture
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You can trust me when I say this Mechanical Metal Jellyfish Kinetic Sculpture from MCA Studio is the coolest thing you'll see all week - all month if you're really into kinetic sculptures or jellyfish, all year if you're really into both! Or you can check out the artist's video of the kinetic metal jellyfish kineticking for yourself here.

I know, it's like, Hmmm, trust the Dude and move on, or click open a whole new tab and sacrifice 15 seconds of my life verifying whether or not he's right. Conundrum, conundrum.

According to MCA Studio, the Mechanical Metal Jellyfish Kinetic Sculpture captures "the very essence of natural rhythmical movements," without the use of excess materials and overengineering. The piece has just a few ingredients: brass, stainless steel, and aluminum make up the entirety of the jellyfish, its post, and part of its base, while walnut comprises the rest of the stand. The inner workings of the kinetic sculpture consist of gears, cranks, sliders, levers, and chain links that make its top dome spin, its tentacles undulate, and anyone watching the jellyfish fall into a deep hypnosis.

Preferably one that transports them somewhere that's better, down where it's wetter, under the sea.

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