HoHoHoH2O Automatic Christmas Tree Watering System

Posted: November 17, 2019
HoHoHoH2O Automatic Christmas Tree Watering System
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Ho, ho, ho meets some hose, hose, hose, and a coupla gallons of H2O, O, O. Disguising itself as a wrapped gift, the HoHoHoH2O Automatic Christmas Tree Watering System provides an inconspicuous and low-maintenance way to make sure your majestic Douglas fir stays hydrated throughout the holiday season.

The HoHoHoH2O base houses a reservoir for 2.5 gallons of water, pourable and refillable from an opening at the top. A hose extends from the back of the gift box to the trunk of your Christmas tree, where it attaches along with a HoHoHoH2O sensor that detects when the tree needs fresh water pumped in.

The HoHoHoH2O uses and electric pump, so does need to make use of one of the precious outlets on your tree's power strip. Once filled, plugged, and turned on the automatic watering system will quench your Christmas tree's thirst for about 7 days before needing a refill. A light and bell alarm alert you when that time comes.

HoHoHoH2O Automatic Christmas Tree Watering Systems come wrapped in your choice of red with snowflakes or silver with Christmas friends gift wrap.

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