Glowing Pebbles for Walkways, Gardens & Home Decor

Posted: February 26, 2021
Glowing Pebbles for Walkways, Gardens & Home Decor
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Glow, glow, glow your path / Gently down the yard / Verily, verily, verily, verily / It'll look cool in the dark.

It's gonna take a little grunt work to get these glowing pebbles installed as all or part of a stone walkway through your garden or to your front door. Especially if you want to make them look neat and pretty, or into a planned design, unlike whomever did the glowing pebble spread in the photo above. I mean, calling it unappealing to the eye would be generous, though the glow-in-the-dark blue stones are only part of the problem. What's up with the flat rock "step pad" pattern? Looks crude, disjointed, and like a personal injury case waiting to happen.

Might be better to go with interspersing the blue and/or green glowing pebbles with your standard pathway or garden rocks. They'll also look nice in an aquarium or as decorative additions to your planters, especially as a pebble tray humidifier.

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