Florigami Animal Sculptures

Posted: February 23, 2023
Florigami Animal Sculptures
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I know. All these expertly crafted origami animal sculptures should be called Faunigami, not Florigami. But there is more than rhyming behind the play on the words. This bestial collection of Japanese papercraft is all handmade by a Parisian named Floriane, with some help from her brother Edouard, so together they make Florigami.

Or, at least Floriane and origami make Florigami, while Edouard makes...folds without opening his fat French mouth and stealing his sister's spotlight.

All Florigami animals are original designs, and handmade by the duo, along with the handsome wood bases they sit on. Completing the sculptural display is a glass dome that protects folded elephants, dragons, unicorns, elk, wolves, and penguins from damage and fingerprints. A great gift for the animal lover - real or mythical - or anyone celebrating a 1st anniversary and going with the traditional gift of paper.

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