Disassembled Old Phone Art

Posted: July 04, 2021
Old Phone Art

Framed artwork made of broken-down old phones and obsolete electronics (elderly and wizened gadgets, if we're being polite to the generations that came before us.) Now that is a piece of home decor I never knew I always wanted. Lucky for me, old phone and tablet art is computer engineer Kevin's passion, and through his Etsy shop FEIPPO, he is introducing all of us to the techie, geeky, and super cool compositions that emerge from disassembling everything from OG iPhones (with trademark cracked screens!) to the BlackBerry 957M above, and arranging them on graph or dot-grid background paper.

Inspired by Todd McLellan's Things Come Apart photography series, Kevin tried tearing down his first smartphone, the iPhone 3GS, and decided to frame the result as 3D artwork rather than a photograph. The process gave him a buzz, a new calling. Yes, Dad, a buzz and a calling even though the phones were completely dismantled and didn't work anymore!

All FEIPPO phone art pieces include every part of the disassembled phone, which has been cleaned for display, and fully measured so Kevin can enter the data into his printing software. Background paper includes black ink outlines of the phone parts to serve as their placeholders, as well as printed information about the featured phone and its various elements. Once the pieces have been glued and dried, the deconstructed phone is framed for hanging.

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