Cat & Mouse Door Knocker

Posted: April 12, 2021
Cat & Mouse Door Knocker

Instructions for use of the Cat & Mouse Door Knocker: "Just slap the mouse against the door for admission." Well. I mean, unless the owners of the home to which you're seeking admission have their house smart-homed - or charmed - to grant entry when the dead mouse makes contact with the front door, it might take a little more than that. Like, the owners opening the door. And actually wanting to see you.

But I guess that's beside the point because the true gem here is that we have a door knocker made of a cat dangling a mouse from its mouth. So clever! So relatable! Just like the Doorballs Door Knocker!

Well. That one's relatable to an endowed man like myself, anyway.

The knocker is a life-size replica of a 4" to 5" feline head and whole entire mouse, nose to tail. It's made of resin. The complete Cat & Mouse Door Knocker - not just the dead mouse your real cat would present you - makes a great housewarming gift or gift for the pet lover.

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