Burning $100 Bill Area Rug

Posted: June 12, 2023
Burning 100 Dollar Bill Area Rug
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Your hundo's burning a hole in your pocket, mine's burning a hole in my floor. The Burning $100 Bill Area Rug. What a disturbing showstopper. And not just for its detailed minting and realistic flames, but for the message it sends. American currency - and the most revered of its bills, I'd argue - set on fire and turned into a 4' x 6' carpet. It's nothing if not a metaphor for...for....

You know, it's always me telling you things about these products and their meanings. I'm such an ass. How about this time, I listen to your hot takes? You tell me what the Burning $100 Bill Area Rug signifies. Greed? Inflation? Wasting money on a stupid runner? Falling asleep before blowing out the aromatherapy candles, and suffering the consequences of your cat knocking one over?

I know, I low key just told you anyway. I'm the worst. Next I'll show you a Burning The Dude Area Rug.

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