Blood Bath Wallpaper

Posted: August 17, 2012
Blood Bath Wallpaper
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Huh. Now this is interesting. And by "interesting" I mean, "I really hope I never show up to someone's house and see an entire room wallpapered in blood splatters." That's, like, some psycho housewife shit. Some Kathy Bates in a secluded cabin in the woods. For Halloween, though, not so bad. The bloody handprints and bloody masses that look sort of like frayed ligaments and tendons are actually rather enamoring.

Pixers' line of Blood Bath Wallpaper bleeds dozens of different hemoglobin-themed designs, some even as dashing as grotesque, and ready for ordering by the slice just in time for Halloween, the zombie apocalypse, and Quentin Tarantino movie marathons. (Was anyone else scarred for life by that scene in True Romance when some dude threw Patricia Arquette through a glass shower door into the bathtub, and then turned the hot water on?) Panels are available in the buyer's choice of sizes, from 39" x 39" ($50 to $53), up to 80" x 100". Paper type selections, which also affect pricing, range from SmartStick self-adhesive material to premium Vinyl.

Muchas danke to Incredible Things.

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