Bismuth Maglev Kinetic Art Sculpture

Posted: November 21, 2018
Bismuth Maglev Kinetic Art Sculpture

According to Ernie of Element 83 designs, his Bismuth Maglev Kinetic Art Sculpture "is the diamagnetic flotation of a 5 mm cube or sphere magnet." In plain English, that means, "Chemistry and physics made purrrdy."

The handcrafted sculpture, striking even before the floating magnet comes into play, is cut from a solid chunk of bismuth ingot. The metal's pattern and color have not been altered or enhanced, just cut to show off how it froze in nature.

The center magnet sits fully suspended, courtesy of a crown magnet at the top of the sculpture. Element 83 includes 2 x 4mm cube magnets, 2 x 5mm cube magnets, 1 x 5mm wafer magnet, 1 x 4mm sphere magnet, and 1 x 3mm sphere magnet for levitating with each purchase. The Bismuth Sculpture stands about 8" tall.

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