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Posted: September 07, 2018
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Heh, this Walk the Plank Mouse Trap looks like something out of the game Mouse Trap I used to play when I was a kid. Works about the same too: clip the trap over a 5-gallon bucket, and set up ramp. Your choice on ramp construction - a 2 x 4, a tree branch, an elaborate LEGO build. Inside the bucket place your food lure, maybe some peanut butter and broccoli, which rodents love way more than cheese, despite popular culture's assertions to the contrary. Then, when Mousey sniffs out the bait, scampers up the ramp, and begins his walk along the plank - Gotcha!

The lever drops and sends him on a one-way trip to his treat.

The Walk the Plank Mouse Trap is a humane, kill-free means of caging rodents for release (though I guess you could mix some poison in with the peanut butter if you're dead set.) The plank is built with a balanced weighting and magnetic tension configuration, and automatically resets itself after each use. Also, the plank should feel sturdy and safe to four-legged pests right up to the point of no return, so they won't chicken out and make a mental note to stay away from the big orange bucket during their strolls.

In addition to mice, the Walk the Plank Mouse Trap can assist in catching small rats, chipmunks, and other small pests and rodents.

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