Soap Flakes

Posted: October 15, 2012
Soap Flakes

I've been holding out with the Soap Flakes. Hoping that designer Nathalie Staempfli would put the wall-mounted and handheld bar-soap-grinding devices into production and sale before I posted them here. Every day I handle a slimy bar of Lever 2000 or, more likely, pick it up and drop it on the shower floor 6 times, I wish I could just buy one already. Maybe if I were more resourceful I could make a Soap Flakes dispenser out of my lemon zester and...something else that would cause a bar of soap to move back and forth across the grating without human hands touching it...but the only thing I really know how to do is look things up on the Internet. So it would be nice, Nathalie Stämpfli, if when I looked your thing up on the Internet, I could also find a way purchase it, and to tell everyone else how to purchase it too should they so choose.

In her quest to design a better way of sanitizing human hands and bodies, Staempfli turned to block soap. While we tend to use liquid soap these days to avoid the slippery block--and germiness of many hands touching it--liquid soap has a high water content, and so is less concentrated. Combined with its plastic bottle packaging, it is generally less eco-friendly than compact, concentrated, easily stacked bars wrapped in paper. The first iteration of Staempfli's design is her wall-mounted dispenser, which wafts out soft flakes at the push of a lever. The second is a standalone grater for placement on bathtub ledges or countertops. Both models produce easily dissolvable cleansing agents for all your dirt and ick removing needs. Or they will someday. Maybe.

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