Morus Zero Countertop Clothes Dryer

Posted: June 02, 2019
Morus Zero Countertop Clothes Dryer
$299 - $329
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The Morus Zero clothes dryer's fast-drying, eco-friendly, countertop-ability probably won't make doing laundry any more fun for you, but it will make the process easier and more efficient. Morus says their mighty mite tumble dryer is the world's first equipped with Vacuum+ dehydration technology, meaning it will suck the wetness out of your clothes in just 15 minutes, while consuming less energy than a standard dryer.

The Morus Zero was designed with small homes and apartments, plus boats and RVs in mind, though any household, big or small, could set one up on the countertop to speed dry small loads or individual clothing items. The dryer needs no ventilation provisions for use.

Morus Zero is able to dry lickety split by using a combination of heat and lower air pressure inside the dryer to accelerate the evaporation rate of the water in your wet clothes. Its large-flow pump and adjustable inlet and outlet create a chamber of lower atmospheric pressure, as well as enable some warm air pass-through to supplement the energy loss by water evaporation. Morus Zero also has 3 x high-performance motors powering it.

One of these motors is devoted exclusively to controlling the dryer's drum, rotating it independently, and Morus Zero program options enable the precise control of direction, speed, and acceleration of the tumble. Translation: you can dry your clothes evenly and they'll come out with fewer wrinkles. The Morus Zero also has a built-in UV sterilization feature that will eliminate residual bacteria on clothes - 99.9% of it - while drying them.

Morus Zero will have a 3.3-pound load capacity, or enough space for one entire outfit. That's small, yes, but it's only claiming to be a countertop clothes dryer, not the TARDIS.

If you want to see a Morus Zero chillin' on your desktop, or just want to see more it because it's one of those things that make you go, Awww, head over to the Morus Zero Kickstarter campaign through June 12, 2019.

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