MattressJack Mattress Elevator for Easy Bed Making

Posted: May 01, 2022
$179.99 - $199.99
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The MattressJack is sold as an inflatable mattress lifter - or elevator, if you prefer that branding - that makes making the bed easier for the elderly and people with chronic pain. But what about me? And you? We dudes and ladies still in our strapping primes could probably use a MattressJack for the opposite reason: so we don't become all decrepit and chronically pained from years of lifting heavy-ass mattresses when we're replacing the sheets, or just re-making the bed each morning to our wife's drill sergeant specifications.

I'd recommend that MattressJack market themselves more like a Roomba than a Chair Gym. Good for the backs, necks, and laziness of one and all!

Using an included air pump and remote control, MattressJack users inflate the mattress elevator before making their beds, and then deflate it to invisibility once they're done. The jack lifts a Queen or King mattress about 10" off its frame / box spring so you can remove old sheets and tuck in new ones without kneeling, bending, or trying to heave up portions of the mattress yourself. MattressJack inflation and deflation take about 60 seconds each.

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