Inflatable Dummy Automatic Shirt Dryer & Iron

Posted: August 07, 2020
Inflatable Dummy Automatic Shirt Dryer & Iron
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This dude will puff up his chest and dry and iron your shirts all day long, every day you've got laundry, for a single payment of, like, a hundred bucks. What a dummy.

The inflatable automatic shirt dryer and iron consists of a torso-shaped balloon bag that inflates over a 1400-watt safety heater. After you wash a shirt, pull or button it up over the inflated bag and switch it on for simultaneous drying and wrinkle-free pressing. Sure, the dummy can handle only one garment at a time, but he also needs only 8 to 15 minutes per piece, so depending on how many shirts you have, and how much you hate ironing them yourself, a personal drying and pressing butler could still be worth it.

The laundry gadget can handle any type of shirt, including button-ups, blouses, T-shirts, and dryer-friendly sweaters.

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