Eco-Egg Automatic Mini Washing Machine

Posted: September 26, 2014
Eco-Egg Automatic Mini Washing Machine
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Could your days of quarter hoarding and letting sweat-saturated clothes pile up until your entire room smells like a festering colony of bacteria because you can't do laundry until you have a full load be over? Eco-Egg says maybe so. A countertop-sized automatic washing machine, the Eco-Egg has a 2.2-pound washing capacity that's ideal for single, small, or delicate items--a dress shirt, socks, underwear, smelly gym gear--you don't want to waste 7 quarters, or 25 gallons of water, sending through a full cycle in a standard washing machine.

While the Eco-Egg has no spin setting, it does run contents through an automatic rinse cycle so only the wringing is left to you. Makers say it runs quiet and has a "beautiful, unique design." Yeah, I don't know. It looks like an egg. I guess that's better than a chicken.

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