Dayoo Kitchen Steam Cleaner & Dishwasher

Posted: February 05, 2022
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"#oddlysatisfying." Dayoo calls its new kitchen gadget "the world's first handheld dishwasher and jet steamer," and after reading those words, I was like, "Great. Have fun selling 'the world's first' manual cleaning appliance that does the same thing as the automatic cleaning appliance I already have to no one but Monica Gellar and Danny Tanner (RIP Bob Sagat). I'll stick with my current dishwasher." But then Dayoo dropped that hashtag. #oddlysatisfying.

You see, I myself am a little odd. And I like to be satisfied. And if the Dayoo handheld dishwasher / steam cleaner is anywhere near as #oddlysatisfying as the Pop It Pal or Baby Foot, I will give it a chance to make me oddly satisfied.

Mounted to your kitchen wall, Dayoo claims to annihilate dirt, grease, and germs with a 221-degree blast of steam, both cleaning and sanitizing dishes in about 10 seconds without the use of chemicals. It has a fairly simple, clean (<--- yuk, yuk, yuk) design consisting of a base unit with a water reservoir and controls, and a 4.9' hose with a cleaning head at the end. It also has a 4.9' cable that plugs into a standard outlet to provide power. That base is portable, so you'll have a total cleaning range of 9.8', longer if you introduce an extension cord. This is useful if you want to use the Dayoo to clean other parts of your kitchen, such as the range and oven, vent hood, sink, or tiles.

Dayoo cleaning heads are swappable, and the standard set includes standard oblong, scouring, and silicone nozzles.

Hey, I just thought of something: the Dayoo "kitchen steam cleaner & dishwasher" is basically a steam mop reimagined (or just rebranded) to do your dishes. Shrug. I could probably use the PurSteam Mop I already have to do the same thing. So...not so #oddlysatisfying after all, Dayoo.

If you disagree, check out the Dayoo steamy cleaner's steamy IndieGoGo campaign page, and pledge for one of your own.

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