BugZooka Bug Catcher

Posted: May 18, 2014

I don't know about the BugZooka's whole catch-and-release design. I mean, yeah, if I caught my senile neighbor's cat Willard in my house again and had a CatZooka that would humanely suck him up into a holding chamber long enough for me to unload him back in her urine-scented living room, I'd probably be in favor of not squashing or suffocating him. But spiders and stink bugs and cockroaches? The most vile and wretched home infiltrators on earth? I think I'll leave the release half of that equation to the bleeding hearts.

The battery-free BugZooka is a handheld insect vacuum that claims to generate 10 times the suction power of motorized counterparts. It captures wasps, spiders, flies, and other creepy crawlers in a removable tube for safe and easy banishment to the exterior. Or the fire pit. The BugZooka's base bellows depresses to compress air and, once its 24" telescoping arm is in line with the target, a simple push of the trigger enables the vacuum to inhale winged and many-legged intruders into its chamber.

In addition to keeping homeowners well beyond arms length from unsavory and terrifying insects, plus providing a non-lethal option for disposing of them, the BugZooka protects walls and other surfaces from splayed bug guts and potential whacking damage, and human lungs from breathing poisonous sprays and goos.

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