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Posted: July 22, 2012
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The Bug-A-Salt might be the coolest thing invented for killing winged and many-legged pests since clapping your hands together and not coming up empty. Using nothing more than a few granules of regular table salt as its projectile, the miniature shotgun pelts and exterminates the likes of flies, mosquitoes, and spiders at an accuracy range of up to 3 feet. Just load it, cock it, pull it, and kill it dead. The Bug-A-Salt isn't simply a way to keep your home safe from creepy-crawly intruders, it's the dawn of insect hunting as sport. It's the new answer to the question, What am I gonna do on Saturday night? It's Mass Effect, Call of Duty, and zombie offensives off screen, unrestricted, out of theory, in real life, and ready to crown you mother fuckin' king of insect annihilation!

OK, maybe that's a slight exaggeration.

But check out the videos. (Please. Especially the one with the shirtless dude playing chess.) The Bug-A-Salt zaps its targets both cleanly--bugs remain whole--and greenly. The only lethal ingredient in the mix is all-natural NaCl. No noxious compounds, no glowy electrical currents, no batteries, and no firearm licences required. Sure, someone's on the firing end of the gun's barrel, but as Bug-A-Salt creator, Lorenzo Maggiore, points out, "No one pities the fly...."

Bug-A-Salt operation follows a few simple steps:

  1. Lift loader cap and pour in ordinary granulated table salt (the gun holds about 50 shots worth).
  2. Slide cocking handle towards you and the push away towards gun barrel. This activates the auto-safety and pop-up sight, and gives signal the Bug-A-Salt is ready to fire.
  3. Release the auto-safety by clicking towards you.
  4. Ready...aim...hasta la vista, arthropods!

Maggiore's Bug-A-Salt was a resounding success as an indiegogo campaign. indiegogo, in the entrepreneurial and start-up spirit of Kickstarter, provides a platform for inventors, designers, and artists in an array of fields--from technology to film to food--to present and raise funds for their ideas. The Bug-A-Salt project ran through September 10, 2012, and earned $577,631 in pledges. Its target was $15,000.

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