Bottle Bright - Water Bottle Cleaning Tablets

Posted: October 01, 2019
Bottle Bright - Water Bottle Cleaning Tablets
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Bottle Bright water bottle cleaning tablets are pretty useful. I know because I have some. They were a gift. From my wife. But given that a couple weeks ago I saw her pick up my water bottle, and then recoil and nearly drop it in disgust, I feel like the Bottle Bright present was one of those backhanded gifts.

Whatever, She-Ra: Princess of Power, a little mold is good for you! Builds immunity!

Also, the cleaning tablets aren't magic. Yes, they remove grime from bottles, plus bladders, cups, and thermoses, but not without some scrubbing. My first attempt to drop the fizzy tab into my lukewarm-water-filled Embrava bottle, shake it up, and then let it sit until I remember it again resulted in a fresh and pleasant smell, but black ring and smudges were still there.

It needed a little up-down brush action to get totally clean. Good thing that movement is both familiar to and easy for me. About 30 seconds later, my bottle came...completely clean.

Bottle Bright cleaning tablets are biodegradable, chlorine free, and non-toxic. In other words, they'll kill the bacteria inside your water bottle, but they won't kill you.

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