Wooden Boat Bathtub

Posted: January 17, 2016
Wooden Boat Bathtub

Rub-a-dub-dub, I want a wooden boat bathtub. Even more than I want a Hot Tub Tug Boat. Because while the latter may be slightly cooler and more likely to help me win friends and influence people, Unique Wood Design's Baula Tub is not weather dependent, and does not require access to a large body of water for daily use. Maybe even thrice daily use given how grand and luxurious it looks.

Unique Wood Design touts its Baula tub as a unique accompaniment to both contemporary minimalist interiors, and classic decor. I couldn't agree more. I also approve of UWD's photographic suggestion of installing the bathtub in the middle of my bedroom, within prime viewing angle of a mounted flat screen. Makes it way easier to relax while watching a stressful game, such as the Green Bay - Arizona matchup that nearly gave my betting man's wallet a heart attack last night, and the Seattle - Carolina debacle that came close to doing the same today.

Baula bathtubs come in 3 different boat-like designs, and your choice of 7 fine woods, including walnut, ash, oak, and maple. While UWD does not list costs on their website, I would guess the purchase price is in the vicinity of a lot.

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