Use the Force Bathroom Art

Posted: November 03, 2020
Use the Force Bathroom Art
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When mere pushing, grunting, and clenching every other muscle in your body while sitting on the toilet doesn't work, use The Force. Or at least stare at this Use The Force bathroom art hanging on the wall for some comic relief.

In addition to its most excellent image of Darth Vader taking a tough crap, another notable detail about Swap That World Studio's Use the Force bathroom art is that when you buy it, no physical items will be shit...I mean shipped. You'll have to draw the print to you using The Force. Just kidding. But you will need a printer. The piece is sold as a digital download.

After purchasing Swap That World Studio will email you a link for access to instant, hi-res Use the Force downloads in an array of sizes and formats. All you need to do is unzip the file and then print it - either at home or at a print shop. Framing is obviously up to you too.

Sure, just like pinching off that stubborn loaf on the toilet, this requires more work on your part, but some of the benefits of Swap That World Studio's digital download methods include: no shipping costs; no wait for shipping; print medium and framing are your choice; and you can print as many copies of the Use the Force bathroom art as you want to give as Star Wars gifts to friends and family.

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