Thor's Hammer Toilet Paper Holder

Posted: February 27, 2019
Thor's Hammer Toilet Paper Holder
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Thor's hammer has done a lot of dirty work in its day, but living in your bathroom as a toilet paper holder might be Mjolnir's dirtiest yet. The Marvel-themed stand can sit on the back of your toiling storing extra rolls, or you can use the included hardware to mount the hammer to your wall.

My initial thought is that Thor's hammer as toilet paper holder seems a little space-consuming as a standalone, and wall-mounted I don't even want to think about how many times I'd bang into it or jab myself with the handle. Visually though, it's a clever idea for a superhero-themed bathroom, or any Avengers fan you need a superhero gift for.

My second thought is that before I consider this purchase further, I'd like to know: if I had my Pooping Please Come Back Later Sign out, and some insensitive person such as my father-in-law ignored it, would I have license to bop him with the Mjolnir toilet paper holder when I come out?

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