Pee-Litical Targets

Posted: August 02, 2020
Pee-Litical Targets
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Pee-Litical Targets know that when you wake up in the middle of the night having to take a leak so bad you can taste it, you need 2 things: 1) A motion-activated night light in the toilet so you don't miss the bowl; and 2) that light's projection to look like Trump's face, because "He pisses you off, now piss on him!!!"

Or if your urine wants to take a shot at the Democrats - Hillary, Joe Biden, President Obama, and Nancy Pelosi - Pee-Litical Targets has a toilet projector you can rotate through them too.

Republican Pee-Litical Targets are all Trump though, appearing as 4 of his most famous characters: Angry Creamsicle; Drumpf; Tangerine Tornado; and Screaming Carrot Demon. The projectors attach to the toilet lid and illuminate when you open it.

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