Mini Travel Digital Bathroom Scale

Posted: June 27, 2023
Mini Travel Digital Bathroom Scale
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Check out this Mini Travel Digital Bathroom Scale. It's the perfect way to ruin your trip to Italy, Mexico, Morocco, France, Japan, Spain...really anywhere in the world whose culture and food you've been waiting to experience for years, but want to make sure you feel guilty about enjoying it every step of the way!

My dudes, my ladies, a mini digital bathroom scale is a divisive travel companion if I've ever seen one. I'd recommend it more as a subversive gift for someone you don't like much than a legitimately useful piece of gear to take on a trip of your own. ... Though that does give me an idea for my Aunt Jan, who has both a birthday and a vacation she won't stop bragging about to Rome coming up.

The travel-sized scale measures 8.5" long x 5.5" wide, and weighs just 1.1 pounds. So, about the same number Aunt Jan will gain each day of her trip if she doesn't just order the salad - no dressing - for lunch, eat only half her pasta at dinner, skip the tiramisu and cannolis, do online Pilates classes on the balcony every morning, and use the Mini Travel Digital Bathroom Scale to keep herself in check.

Haha, have fun in Rome, Aunt Jan!

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