LED Soap Dispenser with Light & Motion Sensors

Posted: October 21, 2020
LED Soap Dispenser with Light & Motion Sensors
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This light- and motion-sensing LED soap dispenser from Soap Brite would make a sudserrific gift for the kids out there who need some enticement to wash their hands. With its 7-color spectrum of festive, soothing, and sexy LEDs, the light-up soap dispenser might work on husbands in need of a little hygiene enticement too.

For me, it's not that I'm negligent about washing my hands, it's just that I can't get through even one round of Happy Birthday before growing bored and antsy with the process, and going in for the rinse. Luckily, my wife keeps a bottle of hand sanitizer - something else you can fill the LED soap dispenser with - right next to the sink, so I just kind of go halvsies on both every time I come home or hit the head.

The LED soap dispenser illuminates only when it detects both motion and darkness; it can sense the former up to 10' away. The Soap Brite gadget is powered by 3 x AAA batteries.

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