Ice Barrel Ice Bathtub

Posted: February 14, 2022
Ice Barrel Ice Bathtub
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A dude in an Ice Barrel? A 100-gallon barrel filled with water and...ice? This photo is a still of a torture scene they're filming for some, like, Russian spy movie right? Gah! And I thought the Glacial Shower was a ridonkulous idea. Listen, I know athletes and crazy Dutchmen use cold therapy (cryotherapy if you're fancy) for everything from recovery to rehab to stress reduction to depression and anxiety relief, but, but...can't I just take a pill for all those things?

Oh, and this is the best - and by best I mean worst - part: the Ice Barrel is designed for year-round outdoor use. It will cool you off on a hot summer day, or help you "embrace your inner polar bear in the middle of winter." Ha! The only inner polar bear I have is the one who'd wear a Polar Bear Griz Coat on the outside to protect me from the cold and ice.

Dudes, if you're more adventurous than I am - or if this pandemic has you ready to try the extremes to get your mind and body right - the Ice Barrel is certainly a bold and immersive activity to try. The ice bathtub's makers say their product is also a low-maintenance, easy-drain system ergonomically designed to fit most humans. And hopefully the giant balls they have making them brave enough to use an Ice Barrel too.

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