Hyge Flushable Wet Wipes on a Roll

Posted: January 15, 2019
Hyge Flushable Wet Wipes on a Roll
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Is Hyge taking its name from the Danish Hygge? Are the flushable, biodegradable wet wipes suggesting that putting flushable, biodegradable wet wipes on a toilet paper roll will help us achieve the sense of comfort, togetherness, and contentment in life Hygge encompasses? If so, uh...sounds about right to me! Wet wipes on a roll?! Yahtzee, gods of post-potty personal hygiene! I'll take a lifetime supply.

Hyge wipes might not be the Ultimate Life Hack, since wet wipes obviously already exist - in both Kleenex-style shape / dispenser form and Shittens glove form - but packing them inside a dispenser shaped like a roll of toilet paper is a pretty nice convenience, especially if you've already joined the adult wet wipe revolution anyway. Depending on your bathroom's layout, Hyge wipes could eliminate the tweaking of your back as you twist to get a standard wipe from the back of the toilet, or reach for the pack consuming space on your sink counter.

Since their wet wipes are fully biodegradable, Hyge also points out that they are more environmentally friendly than: 1) non-biodegradable wet wipes people confuse for biodegradable wet wipes; and 2) toilet paper, since most toilet cleanup tasks will require just 1 Hyge wipe, as opposed to the 7 squares of standard t.p. people use on average during each trip to the john. Hyge compares the longevity of one of their rolls to 7 traditional toilet paper rolls, and notes that one tree can produce 288 more Hyge rolls.

Hyge seeks crowdfunding here on Kickstarter through February 7, 2019. If you think the wipes are the shit, you can pledge for a single roll ($4) or sign up for various subscription services, some for a limited period of time (e.g., 3, 6, or 12 months) and some ongoing until you cancel.

One downside to Hyge rolls is that their self-described "ecoCHIC" exterior packaging, a cylindrical housing with a tab front that provides access to the wipes, plus keeps them moist 'n' fresh, is not reusable. At this time. In the future it might be.

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