ESNTL Soap Dispenser with 20 Second Light Timer

Posted: February 16, 2021
ESNTL Soap Dispenser with 20 Second Light Timer
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Tired of singing "Happy Birthday"...twice...every time you wash your hands? Me too. That's why I opt to use my inner clock to tell me when I've sudsed up for the requisite, germ-annihilating 20 seconds, rather than an irksome ditty that also carries the false promise that, in addition to clean hands, there's going to be cake, when I'm done with it.

The problem with my inner clock's 20-second hand-washing countdown, at least according to my wife, is that it buzzes after about 8 seconds.

The ESNTL Soap Dispenser is a potential solution to both problems - the "Happy Birthday" earworm, and the inability, or at least the impatience, to count to 20 properly. Fill the dispenser's 12-ounce reservoir with either foaming hand soap, or a combo of 75% water and 25% gel hand soap, and each time it spurts out a foamy kiss of cleanliness, it will start a 20-second timer.

The ESNTL timer is entirely visual, a soft glowing blue that emanates from an LED light embedded in the canister. The blue shines solid for 15 seconds after soap dispenses, and then begins flashing for the last 5 to let you know you're almost germ-, bacteria-, and virus-free.

Obviously handwashing has earned great acclaim during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly washing your hands for long enough to decimate the entire microbial army clinging to them. But even under more normal circumstances - cold and flu season, working in your yard, going for a walk and petting every dog and squirrel you pass - proper handwashing isn't such a bad skill to teach your kids. Or your internal-clock-challenged husband.

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