Alessi Toothpaste Buckle Squeezer

Posted: May 10, 2017
Alessi Toothpaste Buckle Squeezer
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Alessi hasn't innovated the wheel, or even the toothpaste tube squeezer, with this silver Buckle that ekes out every last lump of minty freshness. But I haven't seen a design-centric company come out with such a shiny bauble of a product I remember well as a plastic clip form from the 80s, when I was a squeeze-at-the-top kind of kid who drove my mama nuts. The Buckle even took not one, but two designers to create and perfect, Gabriele Chiave and Lorenza Bozzoli.

Chiave and Bozzoli created the Buckle Tube Squeezer for Alessi's Objects-Bijoux collection, a series of items suggesting that "Even those things we see every day may be put to quite unexpected use." So here you have the option of buying a chrome-plated Zamak belt buckle and threading your toothpaste tube through it so you can both ensure not a drop goes to waste, and take pleasure in a real object-bijoux every time you hit the john.

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