LED Ice Bucket

Posted: January 08, 2021
LED Ice Bucket
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Now that we're a week into Dry January, and everyone's like, F it! may I present to you an LED ice bucket for turning the chilling of your brews and champers, and the breaking of your New Year's resolutions, into a real party.

The 5L ice bucket is large enough to cool and store a standard 750mL bottle of wine or Champagne, or 6, 330mL beers. With a full spectrum of LED colors to click through, it's also equipped to chill you yourself out with some cool blue lighting - or heat things up in orange and red if you're looking to begin your Valentine's Day preparations.

Many of us are still feeling the lingering effects of 2020's suckiness, so in addition to Cheers!ing with an EDM light show courtesy of the LED ice bucket, I'd also recommend these tips for getting rid of the year's bad juju.

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