Fire Extinguisher Mini Bar

Posted: July 05, 2020
Fire Extinguisher Mini Bar
$219 - $299
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Put out the flames of thirst with a couple fingers of firewater from Kanistroff's Fire Extinguisher Mini Bar. In a further twist on the Etsy shop's twist on portable bar cabinets, the Fire Extinguisher Mini Bar trades out the German military jerry can design for one shaped like the perfect housewarming gift for a firefighter, or any dude you know who likes to respond to emergencies...with a stiff drink.

The interior of the Fire Extinguisher Mini Bar is made of laminated MDF, and built with a shelf sized to fit a single full-size bottle of liquor - 1L or Jack Daniel's or Jager, or 0.5L of Jameson, for example. The mini bar also comes with 2 x 7.5-ounce glasses, a corkscrew, and a metal LED flashlight. Uh, I guess that last one so you have light to drink by after you extinguish the fire.

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