Fire Extinguisher Booze Shaker & Dispenser

Posted: May 26, 2016
Fire Extinguisher Booze Shaker & Dispenser

Oh Happy Father's Day, Frankie's graduation, and 4th of July all rolled into one! Party-ready, sure, but who'd-a thunk a fire extinguisher could also be so versatile?

Fill this novelty piece of barware with whichever cocktail, beer, wine, or spirit will best put out the fire of you and your guests' thirst. Gift it filled with whiskey for Dad or Natty Light for the college grad (why waste money on the good stuff--he'll be hammered even before the ceremony starts), or grab one for yourself for this July 4th. You know, just in case one of those Roman Candles goes all wonky and you need a spray of Jager as you wait for the firefighters to arrive.

The Fire Extinguisher Booze Shaker & Dispenser will mix and shoot any of your favorite drinks, wine, beer, or spirits from the confines of its eco-friendly polyethylene walls. It stands just over 13" tall and is 5" in diameter.

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