Disco Ball Bar Cart

Posted: June 09, 2022
Disco Ball Bar Cart
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Bring the booze and the party together like never before with this Disco Ball Bar Cart from Glam Globes. The mirrored drinks trolley has the same basic design as the 16th Century Italian Old World Globe Bar, but instead of being a great Father's Day gift for Dad, it's more like a great graduation gift for your girlfriend who's stoked to be done with school, and ready to spend all summer drinking pineapple margaritas and chilling in a FUNBOY Luxury Kiddie Pool in the backyard.

The Disco Ball Bar Cart opens at its equator to reveal a central chamber large enough to hold 3 average-sized liquor bottles dead center, plus 10 smaller bottles or mixers around the rim. The bottom of the car has a shelf for another 6 bottles, or cocktail glasses.

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