Dime Wall-Mounted Bar Cabinet

Posted: October 03, 2021
Dime Wall-Mounted Bar Cabinet
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Welp, Splinterworks certainly doesn't call their wall-mounted bar cabinet "Dime" for its price tag. And though it may be appropriate to conclude that a purchase of the semi-spherical segmented spirits shelf would leave you with nary a Dime to your name, that's not where it gets its either.

Instead, Splinterworks sees the Dime bar cabinet as "evocative of a spinning coin," a sort of kinetic sculpture that ripples open and closed, lookin' all like a turning dime at various points along its rotating path. The segmented leaves that form the convex cover are made of walnut, and each "opens with a pleasing resistance" that leads to even more pleasure when you see the railed semi-circular shelf full of fine liquor, and drawer filled with bar tools inside. Dime is the definition, I'd say, of functional art.

Splinterworks also points out, almost disappointingly, that if you're teetotaling, or need a WFH desk more than you need a wall-mounted bar cabinet, you can hang the Dime lower and add a chair to use its surface and drawer as a workspace and organizer instead.

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