California Champagne Saber Company Sabrage Swords

Posted: November 07, 2020
California Champagne Saber Company Sabrage Swords
$99.95 - $159.95
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A nice bottle of chilled Champagne. A nice California Champagne Saber Company bubbles bottle sabrage sword. A little flair. A little flick of the wrist. A big POP! A big Champagne shower! A big celebration! A...oh f-...izzy wine! That hacked-off bottle neck shot right into Cornelius' face!

A (proposed) message from the California Champagne Saber Company and Ralphie Parker: Go ahead. Slice open your bottles of bubbly with our sick sabers. Chambong glass after glass of Dom and Cristal...or Barefoot Brut...and party all night. Get drunk. Rejoice. Celebrate. Just watch out for flying cork-capped broken glass projectiles. There's a lot more out there than BB guns that will shoot your eye out.

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